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Butterfly Newsletter Update

The Butterflyer is the Overeaters Anonymous newsletter for the CHI-WIF Intergroup (Chicago West Intergroup Far-Out).

 FYI: The Butterflyer is only available via email. If you are interested in receiving this free monthly newsletter electronically or if you did not receive your electronic subscription please send an email with the word “SUBSCRIBE”

in the subject box to:

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 Chris B from OA in ILLINOIS


PO Tip of the Week

reachout1On your way to a health care appointment?  Pick up a copy of the Courier to take to your doctor, nurse, physical therapist, lab tech - anyone who may not know we have found the solution! Order the following to take along with you:

All are available at bookstore, or possibly through your local Intergroup or Service Board.

Remember, often the receptionist is the ʻfront lineʼ and may spread the message about OA through simple conversation.

OA.ORG now in French

Check out the new French translated site:

Region 5 of Overeaters Anonymous
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